My name is Cristina Spataro, and I am a New York State licensed mental health counselor. I have worked with children and families in crisis for the past 13 years. If there is one thing I have learned is that everyone has the capacity for change if they truly want it. Sadly, many people are hesitant to seek help. They may be embarrassed to admit there is a problem or perhaps think or their problems as a sign of weakness. Perhaps they may even think their problems don't require help from a counselor because “it’s not that bad.”

Please allow me to dispel these misconceptions right now; you never have to fight mental anguish or illness alone. Life is hard, and the "right" choices are not always so apparent. Our decisions and their consequences leave us questioning ourselves—sometimes, we can feel completely adrift on the tides of life. The good news is you can find direction. All you need to do is ask for help, and I can assist you on your terms. Think of mental illness as an injury: just like a bruise or cut, an emotional or mental problem can be repaired and healed over time with the right direction and methods.

All too often, I have met families tearing apart at the seams. While I have specialized in lending assistance when things get really bad, I would love to see my clients and patients get the help they need beforehand. If you are reading this and struggling with relationships, career decisions, or even mental anguish and illness, allow me to help you. I can help life make sense again! To schedule an initial consultation, please contact me at (516) 515-0174 or .